Car Information

  • Renault Clio 4

    1,5 DCI
  • Fuel Diesel / 1600 cm3 Engine
  • Under 25,000 Km
  • Transmission Manual
  • 5 Doors and Panorama View
  • 5 Year service included
  • Manufacturing Year 2014
25.00€ /for 1 day(s)

The Renault Clio 4 is a practical and at the same time audacious car, it is a luxury city car with all the equipment. Morocco rental car provides you this vehicle with GPS, multimedia equipment, air conditioning, diesel DCI. It will make you discover Morocco with its dynamic and luxurious design. The strong points: comfort, economy, storage. The Renault Clio 4 diesel is the small city that could pass for a luxury rental car with all these equipments .The diesel engine is a DCI engine develop 110 hp with a consumption 1.4 L, which makes this beautiful diesel car, a very economical vehicle. For all your journeys, from one city to another like Casablanca to Marrakech will seem to you a part of pleasure in economic mode.

rent a Renault Clio 4 dieselne will cost you no more than a lunch, our car rental agency bandjcar will do better to serve you with our cheap prices take the time to BOOK !!!

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